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 Past Seminars and Schedule    
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MAPPA, March 2004
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WOW - What a group! We had an energy filled room of the largest number of attendees for a MAPPA Ed Day. Congratulations and Good Work!

What a beautiful city to have the event - Williamsburg, VA.

Thanks for having me MAPPA - I enjoyed every minute of the experience.
May, 19, 2004
Denver, CO
"Work Smarter - Not Harder"
1-90 minute Seminar
SPPA 25th Anniversayr Feb - 2004
We had a class full! Ann Sirmon was expecting about 40 members to show up and we have over 70.

We had some serious mooments and some fun moments but I believe we all left with some new knowledge.

Thanks SPPA for allowing me to come and share with you on your 25th Anniversary celebration!

Go check for your photographs.
SAAC, August 2003
On my second trip to Long Beach for the SAAC show, John Prusa made a personal "Thank You" presentation.

We had a great time in both sessions. And WOW, what a show Richard Golden puts on for the SAAC group. I even met some folks from Wilmington NC, 2 hours from my home town of Raleigh. They came out for the show and vacation time.

Click for a couple of other phots and see if you recognize anyone.

Thanks SAAC for having me out for the second time!

CAAS, Feb 2004
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The CAAS folks came out early for a full day of Education. I believe we had about 75 of you during the day. I was honored with providing the mroning sessions. They requested 3 hours of Copyright information and I was a bit concerned that they would get bored but to my surprise - they all stayed awake! One attendee even said on her CEU form that she wanted more time!

I just love to talk about copyright and how it applies to our industry because most folks don't think it matters to them. When we fininshed - they all knew it mattered!

Thanks CAAS for allowing me to come and share with your membership for 3 hours what it took me years and a lot of heartach to learn. I only hope that you will take the new information and apply it to your business.

Now, after 3 visiits with CAAS, I need to get busy and write some new seminar material so I can come back.
2003 UMAPP

UMAPP and PPAI sponsored an entire day of education in Minneapolis, MN. Education Director Mayrk Fyten invited me to come up and speak for the day.

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We went over the SM@RT Guidelines, Electronic art, Copyright and conductiong buisiness online.

The feedback has been very generous:

Dear Jimmie,

Thank you for taking the time to discuss your vast knowledge
with us UMAPP folks. I found your presentation very helpful.
You sure made the day go by fast.

I hope your return home was safe.

Tom Farris
PPAI 2002 Expo - Dallas, Texas

Jimmie conducted 3 Training Sessions for PPAI during the 2002 Expo in Dallas. She gave 2 sessions on the importance of Artwork and one on the issues of Copyright that we all face everyday in the Promotinal Product Industry.

SAAGNY, April 2002

SAAGNY Education requested that Jimmie come to NY to give a half day of training specifically on the "ins and outs" of SM@RT Art.

Jimmie put together a training session combining her “ArtWork, How Important is it?” presentation and the new SM@RT Art Guidelines that were first published at the 2002 Dallas Expo.

Just to test their listening ability, the some members of the class were asked to participate in the “Tie it up!” activity that Jimmie created to make a point that our communication skills are as much a part of receiving and delivering acceptable art as the file itself.

SAAC - August, 2002

The SAAC group of about 100 attendees were greeted with Jimmie's class on The Electronic Art Craze and received practical information that they could take back to their jobs and have confidence in asking for art files that Suppliers can use.

Some comments from SAAC Attendees:
What did you find most important from this session?
Understanding of terms
How to find out what suppliers need
Digital art terminology

What did you find least valuable from this session?
It was all valuable
Reveiw of elementary online terms
All was good

What can you actually apply/use, or do sifferently as a result of this session?
Need to update software
Understand what I am actually talking about Most everything
How to accept artwork from clients and send it to suppliers

After the session they played a Quiz Game of questions to see if they really got SM@RT with their art. From the results of the Quiz Game, Jimmie’s southern accent didn’t hinder the New Yorkers from getting the information they needed to increase their art knowledge and therefore their value in the market place. After all, that is Jimmie’s motto…
3M 2002 Corporate Training, Ft. Worth, Texas

Jimmie was hired to help train the 3M national sales team on the importance of artwork and how 3M has prepared digital technology standards for their 3M Distributors. Covering communication to proofs, the meeting was full of new and interactive information.

After a day of training, Jimmie was invited to join the 3M group for a night of "good ole Texas shoot'n" at the Texas Lills Dude Ranch.

2003 EXPO - Vegas

I just wanted to let you know that my associate Tim Farrell and I thoroughly enjoyed your class entitled “Get Sm@rt with Art.” It was not only informative, but fun too. You will surely see the SM@RT logo printed on our next catalog. You have certainly gone beyond the call of duty to educate this industry about the importance of artwork. Thank you.

Curtis Schmidt
VP Marketing
Dixie Seal & Stamp Co.
(404) 875-8883

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Regional Assoications

Jimmie is available to speak for your Regional Assoication. If you would like references on her work, feel free to contact the PPAI Education Department , The Executive Director of CAAS, The President of The Ohio Association or any of the above associations.

She Has spoken at both of the 2001 Academys and will be speaking at the Academy East 2002 in Tampa as well as giving 3 sessions at The 2003 EXPO in Las Vegas.

She will be delightd to prepare a custom session for your private company as she did for the 3M corporation.

Artwork is what makes our Industry. We must all grap the "buzz" words and understand them as much as possible and Jimmie has a way of teaching so you "get it."

Here is an e-mail that she received shortly after the SAAC session.

"Hi Jimmie:

I attended your electronic artwork seminar at the SAAC Show. The information was invaluable! I've been in the promotional products industry for two years and even though I know bits and pieces about buzzwords like "vector", ".gif", ".ai", etc., it was never very clear how they all related to one another. Thanks to your class, now I have a much clearer understanding of suppliers' electronic artwork requirements.

Thank you for helping me get over the fear of asking for the correct artwork format from the client. And for helping me to learn to charge for art services..."

Vivienne Houghton
Mango Bay Promotions
Los Angeles, CA 90025

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